Aurora’s umbrellas

Even after it has been more than 120 years since established, Aurora keeps on executing for new challenges. In 1953, executed research and development making realize of domestic manufacturing of nylon walking umbrella, eventually, western style walking umbrella with chemical fiber changed to familiar product for Japanese people.
Furthermore, started selling licensed western style walking umbrella in 1973 as the industry’s first. Currently, we are making licensed products, which are collaborated with famous fashion brands, and original products, which are full with unique ideas by superior design ability and technical power.

Uncompromising manufacture at our own factory in Niigata

In Aurora’s Niigata factory, they are adjusting balance of frames and using high sewing techniques for fabrics to be able have beautiful tension on the panels, and manufacturing the products with all of sincere mind.

Until an umbrella is made

Aurora’s neck accessories

When Aurora was established, shawl business for Kimono also started at the almost same time as umbrella business. Respond to the times changing, the product development has also changed to western accessories from Kimono accessories. Using skillful techniques, which were used for manufacturing Kimono accessories, manufactured and sold licensed products of overseas famous brands and original unique ideas products. Currently, further new neck accessory business is going to be developed as fashion products.

Aqua veil stole

Aurora’s hat

Started hat business in 1994.
Utilizing the experiences of licensed goods at umbrellas and clothing, we have brought a new style to the hat industry, including making hats using clothes.
Today, we are planning and manufacturing numerous original products including many famous brand products.